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  • We are available 7 days a week

  • We offer free initial consultation

  • You don't have to pay before we send you a preliminary report



  • Our initial e-mail consultation is free of charge. We can help you outline your data analysis project.

  • For the actual work we charge 30-60 USD/hour depending on the type of project (+free e-mail consultations after the analyses are done!) - one of the lowest fees on the market (where the median fee exceeds 130 USD/hour), which we manage to maintain because of our high productivity, flexibility and low administrative costs, which is uncommon for large statistical consulting companies.

  • Within a maximum of 8 hours (usually within 1-3 hours) after you send us the description of your problem we come back to you with a quote (based on our affordable fee) and turn-around time.

  • You will know the precise cost for our services before we start data analysis.

  • You pay after we send you the report from which some figures and phrases are excluded. You are then sure that your task was successfully completed. After we receive the payment, we immediately send you the complete version in MS Excel, Word or PowerPoint formats. Therefore, there is no need to prepay our services, and this is the best guarantee a statistical consultant can offer.


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