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We offer statistical analysis for market research and dissertations/academic research. We offer full service online research worldwide as well. Our primary areas of interest include analysis of medical, business, economic, sociological and psychological data. Our special offers for businesses are based on cutting edge marketing science/data mining techniques. At we specialize in advanced survey programming and statistical analysis for market research (TURF, Conjoint, Price Sensitivity Measurement, Key Drivers Analysis, Volumetric Concept/Product Testing, Price elasticity calculation from aggregate data).We have experience of working with biological and medical data as well.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Market Research

Conjoint analysis special offer:

- survey programming

- hosting

- presentation

of the results

- simulator

Special offers for firms offering goods and services

Special offers for

movie market professionals

 Statistical consulting

  • T-test

  • Nonparametric tests

  • Random Forest

  • Neural Networks

  • Support Vector Machines


  • CART


  • Regression

  •  Logistic Regression

  • Bootstrapping


  • Survival Analysis

  • Time series analysis

  • Monte-Carlo simulation

  • …And a lot more



  • Full service online research

  • Tabulation

  • Concept Tests

  • Correspondence analysis

  • PSM

  • Gabor-Granger

  • Customer Satisfaction modeling

  • Key Drivers analysis

  • Demand estimation from aggregated data

  • ASSESSOR - online volumetric concept/product test

  • TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

  • Target groups selection (e. g. with CHAID)

  • Cross-selling/Up-selling

  • …And a lot more!

  • Choice-Based conjoint

  • Rating-Based conjoint

  • Self-Explicated conjoint

The price for the full package starts from $1990




  • Statistical analysis/data mining of movie datasets

  • Unique Star Power ratings

  • Movie sales projections

  • Identification of high- and low-performing segments using data mining techniques with expected ROI calculated for each segment

  • Determinants of movie box office revenues: a statistically sound formula for theatrical success prediction

  • Decreasing uncertainty of your business plan: characterizing the probability distribution of your movie's potential profit

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We do statistical consulting via Skype and prepare tutorials on how to solve specific problems using software products such as SPSS, Stata, EViews, STATISTICA, Excel etc.


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